Our approach

 Our approach

Our services

Our services


Sector-specific economic analysis

We determine your offer’s prospects on the Swiss market as our initial approach:
- Understanding global economic trends in your target market
- Defining general access conditions
- Evaluating the market’s momentum
- Estimating your potential for development


Market research and development strategy

We thoroughly research success factors for your offer on the target market and draw on our experience to devise a solid development approach:
- Identifying opportunities for your different services
- Forecasting growth
- Analysing competition
- Analysing regulations
- Creating a development strategy



We identify market needs and take the first steps with your future clients:
- Collecting information about their needs and expectations
- Leveraging advanced survey techniques
- Adapting the business model


Networking and partnerships

We foster B2B relationships to strengthen the foundations of your development:
- Creating a network of skilled stakeholders
- Identifying and analysing potential partners
- Supporting your company’s external growth
- Organising individual and group meetings



We promote sales of your offer:
- Implementing a sales process
- Promoting your services
- Creating new networks or joining existing networks


Communication and PR

We boost the reputation of both your company and your offer:
- Conducting communication campaigns targeting influencers (authorities, partners)
- Providing media relations
- Organising targeted events with prospects
- Managing digital communications
- Creating promotional materials
- Participating in trade shows


Establishing subsidiaries

We help you create subsidiaries:
- Helping create and establish subsidiaries with expert advice from lawyers, notaries, chartered accountants, tax specialists, banks and insurance providers
- Establishing tax domiciliation for new subsidiaries
- Providing management and administrative management
- Supplying human resources support


Strategic economic monitoring

We closely monitor your market and its environment:
- Monitoring market needs and expectations
- Monitoring changes in services and competition
- Monitoring innovations and new trends
- Monitoring regulations



Economic news in Switzerland

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La Suisse possède le meilleur système d'enseignement supérieur au monde!


La Suisse est ouverte à celles et ceux qui partagent ses valeurs


Our clients

Our clients

Access Business Development is part of Access Public Affairs & Communications, with its headquarters located in Geneva. Created in 2016, this public relations firm has helped companies of all sizes to develop in a variety of industries including healthcare, mobility, medtech, finance, construction and real estate.

Our extensive know-how results from our experience and a vast network of economic decision-makers, public administrations and authorities.

We are active within the economic fabric as a member of numerous central organisations, such as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Geneva, the Fédération des entreprises romandes, the Swiss French Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Swiss Italian Chamber of Commerce.

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